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The God Of Love  

As we think of the lives that are lost

Regarded as nothing at all,

The heartache and agony of those that are left,

The devastation of the fall

 The children left without a Mum

To embrace them when they cry,

The many alone without a daddy

To tuck them in bed at night

 The parents also left to grieve

For the children they have lost,

Husbands and wives also weep

Paying an unbelievable cost

 There is hope, a glimpse of light

Amidst these darkened days,

Our Lord Jesus, who loves us so much

And hears when we kneel to pray

 He can bring healing to the hurting heart

And comfort to those who weep

He is the strength that we can receive,

For His love is ever so deep

Still, we’re left wondering how this happened

And why all this needless grief

So many questions remain unanswered,

We just need to have faith and believe

  That our loving God is still in control,

Though the remnants of terror remain

The broken lives and shattered dreams;

The unspoken anguish and pain

  He knows full well how we are feeling,

He identifies grief with us

We can be sure that He loves us so,

For He is a God of love.

© 2001-By M.S.Lowndes



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