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Antioch Loves Our Veterans!

Happy Memorial Day 2013!

Take a look at this 6 minute video

After watching this video, we are reminded of the challenges that many of our veterans and their families face.  There is a strong cry out for God to do something.  We believe that God wants to release His supernatural signs and wonders into the lives of our veterans!  We are praying this Memorial Day for the supernatural power of God to be released in the lives of our brave men and women who have sacrificed their health and lives for the service of our country.  Don’t just be one sitting on the sidelines watching.  Submit to God and His unlimited power so that you can be an active vessel for His Supernatural signs to flow through into our veterans.  Signs, wonders, miracles, deliverance, healings, freedom from PTSD, freedom from fear and guilt.  These are areas that God can use us in.  To our military families, hope is on the way.  Nothing is too hard for God, and those who choose to be used by him!  

May God’s richest and best always be yours,

Apostle Reginald Baldwin
Prophetess Franett Baldwin
Pastors, Antioch International Ministries

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Strong Military Families Parent Program

A free 10 week parenting program for military families with children ages 1 to 6 who have or are currently experiencing deployment

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